We offer many different firewood types that have different qualities. Our firewood is already split, seasoned and dried to the highest standards. We have firewood types such as our best seller the Mixed wood which is great for burning in the fireplace or for camping. Our wood is split so it can fit into most fireplaces or fire pits, but if you want it a different size or want a different type of firewood that is not listed, contact us and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

Wood Type Use Qualities
Mixed Indoor/Outdoor Variety or fast starting and long lasting wood
pecan sold out smoking/indoor/Outdoor great aroma and flavor. Great for chicken
Mesquite smoking/Indoor/Outdoor Hot burning and provides strong smokey flavor
Hardwood mix sold out Indoor/Outdoor Long lasting and makes crackling sound
Shaggy juniper Indoor Amazing aroma, easy to start and crackling sound


Mixed wood

mixed wood

Mixed hardwood is the best seller because it has many different types of firewood that have great qualities. The mix includes Pine, Ash, Sisou, Acacia, Elm and eucalyptus. The wood originates from all over Arizona and the mix is great for indoor or outdoor burning. There is plenty of  hardwoods in this mix so it might be difficult to get it started and that is why we include allepo pine in this mix. When it is on fire, It will burn for many hours. Highly recommend wood for someone burning in a fire pit or fire place.

Shaggy Bark Juniper

Shaggy-Juniper-woodShaggy Bark Juniper is a wood from Northern Arizona, it is one of the local favorites because of its great smell and other enjoyable qualities. It lights up easily so it makes a great starter wood. The atmosphere that is created is enjoyed by the entire family. Shaggy is definitely the type of firewood you want to burn during Christmas.



mesquiteMesquite is enjoyed by many as it can be used for fireplace or burn in a smoker for amazing flavor. It is recommended by many professional smokers as the rich flavor goes well with ribs, brisket or chicken. The burn time and heat output are one of the many reasons its also recommended for  fireplace or fire pit use. burn indoors, outdoors or bbq and you will not be disappointed.




NEW- Our seasoned Pecan is a great wood for smoking meats. It is one of the hottest burning and longest lasting firewood’s there is so is recommended to use in your fire pit or smoker. A lot of Bbq grill masters prefer this wood type because of its amazing burn qualities as well as its mild flavor.

Hardwood mix

Hardwood mix is great as it burns for many hours. It does include all hardwoods so it takes a while for it to light on fire but once it does it stays on and on. Leaves great coals so you will wake up in the morning and can throw more wood in. Great for fireplace use as you don’t have to keep putting in wood every hour. It is recommended to use shaggy juniper or pine to get the fires going and then throwing in some hardwoods to keep the fire on all night.