We have firewood for sale in our chandler location or we can deliver to your home or business.  Our seasoned firewood is already split and dried to the highest standards so all you have to do is start the fire and enjoy. If you are looking for where to buy firewood, your search is over. We have the best firewood, many varieties, offer firewood delivery and even stacking service!

We have many firewood types for sale including a mixed package, hardwood mix, Eucalyptus, Pecan, Shaggy Juniper as well as Mesquite firewood for sale. We sell our wood in small quantities such as a wheelbarrow or you can get a few cords of firewood for whatever your needs are. Each wood type has its pros and cons and each wood type has an optimal purpose based on its burning/smelling/ time qualities. You can learn more on our firewood types page.

Picked-up Firewood Prices

For firewood delivery and stacking please click HERE for more information. Prices are subject to change.
These are our firewood prices for a cord of firewood or less. If you would like a larger amount we do offer quantity discounts for our wholesale customers. Give us a call and we can discuss the options based on the different packages we offer.

                                 2020 firewood prices

*tax, delivery and stacking is not included

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